Friday, March 11, 2005
  I've landed
I've been looking for a job for the past two-ish months (My job loss experience has already been documented). About a month ago I had a phone interview with a company whose product competed with my former employer. They are a very small company, still funded by a few V.C.'s, and growing like a weed. The week after the phone interview, I went in for a face-to-face with the hiring manager, plus four others. At the end of that interview, the hiring manager asked me to come in one more time at the end of February. That interview lasted 4 hours, and included a visit with the CEO. I probably met the entire company, which isn't saying much.

The hiring manager went on vacation last week, so on Tuesday he called for references. Yippee! On Wednesday, he called my references, spoke with one live, then called me to offer me the job... and I accepted. I'm so excited!

Speaking from more experience than I care to admit, the job market today is eternally better than it was two years ago, or even last year. I did not submit one application myself. Every inquiry I got was just from my resume being out on HotJobs or Monster. Several recruiters told me they were specifically seeking out people like me-- cut from my former employer due to the acquisition. Seems like there is high regard for people who work/worked there. It's always nice to have that little boost.

I start on March 28, and I can't wait.

Oh, and as a side note: upon my dismissal in January, I declared that I will reward myself with an iPod when I get a new job. Now I'll have a place to put all my ripped music, and I'll get to take all of my CDs everywhere I go. Woohoo!!!

  Enlightened ones
A couple of days ago, San Francisco State University held a job fair featuring recruiters doing their usual on-campus search for interested parties. And, as usual, the United States military was represented, just like when I was in school.

So some not-so-bright students decided to protest the presence of the military recruiters. They don't want the military to recruit any more, because they lie to people to get them to join. I suppose if I joined the military, I would think that combat would be the most remote of remote possibilities, right? After all, the recruiters sell it the same way a software company sells marketing jobs.

So anyway, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry at one idiot's comment. Paraphrasing: "We don't want them to recruit anymore, because then they won't have enough people in the military and we won't go to war anymore." I wanted to laugh because of the sheer schtoopidity and ignorance of this comment (I wonder if she looks up to pacifist Europe, where service is compulsory?), but then I got the urge to cry because this is the thought process of America's future. Please tell me that all college students are not that stupid?! She should go live in those countries that were against the war in Iraq if she hates our system so much.

If she gets her way, she'd end up having to serve whether she wants to or not, because there will be war as long as we humans roam the earth. I personally want my country to be either a) so pumped up with miiltary might that nobody would be foolish enough to mess with us, or b) ready to win any war we enter. Our all-volunteer system has made our military the best in the world. If you don't want to serve, then don't. But don't try to take away the option for others. It is a very good and sensible option for many, many Americans. Also, if it's not for you, that's great, but don't paint the people who choose to serve their country as less enlightened, just dumb dogs obeying their master's commands. Get off the high horse!

By the way, these protesters disrupted the entire recruiting event. Some businesses packed up and left early because they were not able to talk to interested students. They shouted down anybody who wanted to talk to the military recruiters. As the military recruiters exited the event, the enlightened protesters sang the stupid (BEYOND stupid) "na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, good-bye", while flipping them the bird. How's that for maturity and civil discourse? One has to wonder how many students they brought to their side with their little side show. I'd be ashamed if those kids were my friends or family. So much for every individual's rights in the U.S. of A. The students that had a recruiting opportunity taken away from them should be beyond peeved. In this job market, you need every chance you can get. What these people did was selfish, unproductive, and just plain idiotic.

Good job, kids!

Thursday, March 10, 2005
My entire CD collection has now been "replicated" on iTunes. The totals:

2639 songs
7.8 days
12.60 GB

And those are just my CD's. Still have about the same number of CD's to rip from my husband's collection. I guess I won't be getting the 20 GB iPod...