Monday, February 07, 2005
  It's been a year
Had to take a moment just to say that we brought the sweetest, cutest, smartest dog (ever) home a year ago today. The year has gone quickly, and it's really not a long time, but it seems like we've had him much longer than that. As much as we worried about the effect that a dog might have on our lifestyle (as in cramping it), we have no regrets. He has given us a lot, especially laughter. Plus he makes us get out several times a day for fresh air and exercise. It's all good.

We're still thankful that German Shepherd Rescue of Northern California exists to save dogs like Marleau from a certain death (okay... so it's a little dramatic, but it's true! He was picked up on his kill date, after all...) If you are thinking about getting a pet, consider adopting from your local shelter or a breed rescue-- your pet will thank you for it!

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