Wednesday, February 16, 2005
  Finally waking up?
So all this news is coming out of Lebanon since fomer PM Rafik Hariri was murdered yesterday. All I can do is sit here and wonder how many Americans/westerners knew, before yesterday, that Lebanon has been under Syrian occupation for 25+ years.

This is just one of countless examples of why Arab dictators/monarchs/thugs work so hard to keep the light on Israel. Israel is NOT the problem in the Middle East. In so many of the global conflicts today, there is one common denominator. Figure it out-- it ain't Israel, and it ain't America, as much as they (meaning the 1 billion poor, oppressed Muslims of the world) want selectively ignorant Americans to believe.

The Lebanese have had the cage rattled, and now they want to get out. I wonder how many UN resolutions we'll see (I know of the one)? Or how much pressure the enlightened Europeans will put on Baby Assad? How many people of influence will finally put Syria under the microscope? How many Islamic theocracies will continue to exist with minimal criticism from the world?

I won't hold my breath, since spring is coming and I'd like to be around to enjoy it....

Monday, February 07, 2005
  It's been a year
Had to take a moment just to say that we brought the sweetest, cutest, smartest dog (ever) home a year ago today. The year has gone quickly, and it's really not a long time, but it seems like we've had him much longer than that. As much as we worried about the effect that a dog might have on our lifestyle (as in cramping it), we have no regrets. He has given us a lot, especially laughter. Plus he makes us get out several times a day for fresh air and exercise. It's all good.

We're still thankful that German Shepherd Rescue of Northern California exists to save dogs like Marleau from a certain death (okay... so it's a little dramatic, but it's true! He was picked up on his kill date, after all...) If you are thinking about getting a pet, consider adopting from your local shelter or a breed rescue-- your pet will thank you for it!