Monday, January 10, 2005
  Here comes the rain again
It's raining here in California, which means the national news services have sent their rain-slickered talking heads here to report on the water. On the local front, apparently some Californians can't get their brains outside their Pacific/Mexico/Arizon/Nevada/Oregon borders:
Rain Rain Go Away

Do you want to know how utterly sheltered and delusional people from Los Angeles are? As you may have heard we’ve been having quite a bit of rain here in LA lately, much more than normal. And, as a result, there have been a number of instances of storm channels overflowing and flooding, freeways closing, that sort of thing. So just a second ago, at the end of a commercial break, there was a quick preview of the news. The dunce anchor actually said something to the effect of, “The rain keeps coming. We’ll have all the details of the devastation at 11.”

The devastation?

In the wake of the tsunami disaster, with hundreds of thousands of people losing their lives, and millions displaced with everything lost, to have the local news refer to some rain damage as a devastation is simply obscene. And more or less what I’ve come to expect from self-centered left-wing California jackoffs.

Amen, though I see this kind of self-importance thing coming from both sides, frankly. It's not even funny.

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