Tuesday, December 07, 2004
  These guys drive me crazy...
The local news tonight might drive me to throw a rock at my TV. The anchorman starts off the news from Iraq with (paraphrasing) "we have a steady diet of bad news from Iraq." Okay...

What really annoys me? He says (paraphrasing again) "a bleak milestone was reached today. One thousand soldiers have now been killed in combat..." Then, "President Bush visited Camp Pendleton today to speak with soldiers...."

It's hard to believe that only the Army has suffered casualties in Iraq. And, wow! Who knew that the Marines moved out of Camp Pendleton and it's now an Army base? I had no idea.

Why can't these talking heads learn the difference between our service branches? Marines don't want to be called Soldiers, and Sailors and Airmen probably don't, either. If you must use a general term, why not "troop", or "serviceman"? You'd think that after three steady years of combat, they'd figure it out by now. That's just too much to expect of the media.

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