Tuesday, December 21, 2004
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As if the work situation wasn't enough for the week (in chronological order, not order of importance):
  • My baseball team has dealt two of its ace pitchers. Every year it's the same ol' song and dance-- bring up some players through the farm system, watch them excel, go to the playoffs, lose in the first round, cut the great players in the off season. It's getting really, really old, but that's what you get when your favorite team is a small market team with no money to play with.
  • There are mice partying in our attic again. The dear husband, bless his heart, removed eight dead and rotting ones on Sunday. We have 12 traps to set and an exterminator to call. Trapping them is not good enough for me-- I want them blocked from my house!
  • And our dog ate a small box of chocolates last night in the hour between my departure for my holiday party and my husband getting home from work. So far he's doing well, but the effects should start appearing soon. Thankfully he's hefty at 85 pounds, and the box had only 4oz of candy, of which I had already eaten a few pieces. Right now there is a sense of impending doom.... poor Marleau.

Even so, there are people who have it really bad right now, so I can't complain. All of this is just making December a little interesting, and it'll all be great when life is boring again.

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