Monday, November 01, 2004
  Show of strength?
Main stream media never cease to amaze. The saga of Arafat's departure from Ramallah made me want to scream. You'd think he was the legitimate leader of a western democracy, not the fatigue-wearing (never seen combat, though), terrorist-enabling "leader" of a shit hole.

So another terrorist kills some dirty Jews, and Reuters describes it as a "show os strength". A show of strength was average Americans' reactions to September 11. A show of strength is Israeli business owners re-opening days after a suicide bomber blows their storefront to chards of glass and wood. Suicide bombers murdering innocent people is... uh... murder.

Suicide Bomber Kills 3 in Israel with Arafat Abroad

TEL AVIV (Reuters) - A Palestinian teenager blew himself up an open-air market in Tel Aviv on Monday, killing three people in a show of strength by militants three days after Yasser Arafat was airlifted to France for urgent medical care.

Of course the headline itself is just another example of how the media feel about the situation in Israel. When the IDF are carrying out operations and Palestinians are killed in the process, everybody is named by "nationality" in the headline (e.g. Israelis kill 3 Palestinians in Gaza raid, or something like that.) When a Palestinian terrorist kills some Israelis, you get the headline above: 3 faceless, nationality-less people killed by a random, also nationality-less suicide bomber. Oh, and Arafat is abroad... did ya know??? How Arafat's location has any relevance to three innocent people getting slaughtered is a mystery to me.

Now pardon me while I go pull my hair out.

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