Tuesday, October 19, 2004
  Best. Doggie. Ever.
No bias here-- our little doggie is the best doggie ever. He's the cutest doggie ever, and the sweetest. He's also goofy. Okay, I know that your doggie is the best, cutest, sweetest, etc., too. But how can you resist this face? (Gratuitous doggie pictures...)

One complaint I have though-- he's very fussy in the car, so it's nearly impossible to take him on road trips. Witness:

Ooops, I must be thinking of the wrong dog. That's our puppy causing a stir on a seven hour road trip a couple of months ago. What a pain.

There is one little transformation that has taken place since we brought him home in February-- he is officially my husband's dog. He spends every day with him at work, and Jim takes him to see his dog buddies every day. In other words, Jim represents all things good in Marleau's little world. But I'll take the position of second in the pack if it means he gets to go to work every day. It's a small price to pay, no?

Just needed to post about something cheery. Maybe this will become Marleau's blog soon...

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