Friday, August 20, 2004
  What's good for the goose...
It's always nice to get a good laugh on a Friday afternoon. Kerry should look within before spewing his crap everywhere... and then just "move on".

For either campaign to bitch about ties to these groups is ludicrous. Considering that the Kerry campaign hired the guy who helped get Moveon.org rolling, who are they to talk? So Republican activists, even the ones who like W, are supporting SBVT... is that supposed to be a surprise? That surprises me as much as lefties supporting Moveon.org. It's also funny that those who tow the Moveon.org party line and tend to complain about the shredding of the constitution have their golden boy is suing to prevent an opposing commercial from airing.

This election has become so ridiculous with the hypocrisy, it's hard to read the news with a straight face.

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