Thursday, August 12, 2004
  What next?
If one of these numbnuts shows up at my polling place, I'll have a few choice words for them.

Oh, wait. They won't be at my polling place, since my neighborhood is predominantly Asian, and their cultural and community leaders haven't been bitching and moaning about disenfranchised voters and stripped civil rights.

These paragraphs say it all:

Democrats greeted the announcement as a victory in their efforts to draw international scrutiny to the elections process, particularly in the wake of the 2000 presidential elections in which George W. Bush squeaked out a tiny electoral majority, thanks to an especially controversial vote count in Florida, despite losing the popular vote by some half a million votes.

"It's a step in the right direction toward ensuring that this year's elections are fair and transparent," said Rep. Barbara Lee [ed: that's my Rep for ya!], a California Congresswoman who was one of 13 lawmakers who asked UN Secretary Kofi Annan to send UN observers to oversee this year's elections.

"Given the deeply troubling events of the 2000 election, the growing concerns about the lack of necessary reforms and potential abuse in the 2004 election," the lawmakers wrote, "we believe that the engagement of international election monitors can be the catalyst to expedite the necessary reform, as well as reduce the likelihood of questionable practices and voter disenfranchisement on Election Day." [Emphasis added]

So, what exactly was "deeply troubling" about the 2000 election? Was it that the electoral process was on full display? Was it that some people are too stupid to register properly and chose to blame the system? Was it that there were voting issues, as there are likely voting issues at every election, but this time they were under a full spotlight due to the close results? Or was it that the wrong candidate won? I can smell the partisanship and racism from thousands of miles away.

And how will these monitors reduce any voting issues? In San Francisco last year the elections officials "lost track" of thousands of ballots for hours on the night of the election. What will monitors do about that? What will the sore-loser Dems say in cases like that, where their fellow Dems are running the show with complete incompetence?

Wake up people! In every election we will have voting irregularities and messed up counts. We'll always have people who doubt our system because that is what has been pounded into their heads for decades by their leaders. There will always be self-declared disenfranchised voters. Hell, I'll raise my hand to that: I am a Republican in the San Francisco Bay Area. Not only is my state considered a shoe-in for Kerry and Dems in general, but during every national election I get to hear the talking heads on the news stations tell me who has won the election before I even leave work to vote. Why should I bother? My vote doesn't count, right? My political views are intimidated by the loud-mouthed lefties who call me a right-wing, warmongering, Christian fundamentalist dummy. Oh boy, I better call Jesse.

I have a lot more to say about the elections process and the effects of the 2000 dispute, which has led directly to this bullshit. As my sister said last night, "Thanks, Al". If ever there was a time to heed Nixon's example, 2000 was it. More later...

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