Monday, August 23, 2004
  Do they think we're stupid?
JohnJohn needs to take its collectives head out of its ass and get over itself for a moment. This holier-than-thou attitude that they have been donning is setting off my gag reflexes so often lately that I'm getting cramps. Seriously.
Bush Says 'That Ad' Attacking Kerry Should Stop [ed: nice sneer quotes]

The Kerry campaign said Bush did not go far enough. "The moment of truth came and went and the president still could not bring himself to do the right thing," said Sen. John Edwards, the Democratic vice presidential candidate.

"George Bush needs to take responsibility and demand that the ad come off the air," Edwards of North Carolina said.

Of course Mr. Edwards' "moment of truth" comment is in reference to his earlier statement that Kerry's "moment of truth" had him volunteer* for service in Vietnam-- ya know, the same war that Bush: was AWOL, deserted, snorted coke through, fill-in-the-blank... yet another little swipe at the President that we've all come to expect and admire.

Meanwhile, there is a nice double standard at work here. We've had years of unproven and very serious charges against the President regarding his service in the TANG, yet nobody seems to care to condemn those or stand up for the President. We've had a mockumentary that basically dragged the President over the coals, followed by a Bush hatefest that JohnJohn attended, and BigJohn calls these things the heart and soul of America. AND Michael Moore gets a seat in the Presidential box (or whatever it's called) alongside Jimmah at the Democratic National Convention. And I haven't even touched on the Moveon.org crapola that has shown the true colors of the Democratic party's foundation of late (yep-- I'm painting with a broad stroke here for a reason).

Imagine for a moment if John O'Neill was welcome at the Republican National Convention as an honored guest, seated next to, say, Bill Frist in the VIP box, or if Bush sued to get ads removed from the airwaves. How about if he pressured to have the countless anti-Bush books removed from the shelves (in other words: imagine if he wanted to redefine our First Amendment)? Can you imagine the field day in the media? The same media that jumped all over Bush's AWOL story and ignored the SBVT story for MONTHS (yes, that unbiased media...)

So these little wizards want the President to stop ads from SBVT. Are you kidding me? Maybe JohnJohn should respond and debunk the claims once and for all. Instead of using lawyers to remove the ad from the airwaves, or campaigning to have bookstores stop selling the book, release all the records (sound familiar?), answer to them-- the accusers were there, they wore the uniform and dripped their blood during the same war. They have the right to say what they please, they have the right to despise Kerry, and they have the right to contribute to any political party/group that they want.

The same folks that are crying foul have plopped down their hard earned bucks to see the Moore flick. These same folks submitted Bush bashing ads (including Bush=Hitler) to Moveon.org. These same folks cannot fathom that Kerry has brought this upon himself by making his 4 month tour in Vietnam the centerpiece of his candidacy. Many of these people are bashing the Veterans who are speaking out against Kerry, while elevating those who defend him as beacons of truth. These people ignore that fact that Kerry's campaign has a former Moveon.org Director working for it. Geez, how about the fact that Bush has been on the receiving end of these 527 attacks far more frequently than Kerry?

All of this self-righteousness on display from Kerry/Edwards is a cute little distraction from the fact that this President has endured years of non-stop character assassination from the same folks that support his opponent. I've seen it on display every day where I live. Every flippin' day-- it has been the driving force behind my affiliation switch. Kerry is demanding that Bush run a nicer campaign that rises above the partisan and personal attacks, as if he's the only recipient of said attacks. As if he hasn't taken swipe after swipe after swipe since his ego was enlarged by his Primary wins.

When does Kerry plan to denounce (or even distance himself from): Moveon.org, Michael Moore and his feces-disguised-as-a-movie, the "Bush deserted" attack dogs, Ralls and Oliphants, the celebrity smear masters...? I'm not holding my breath, but I've become red in the face with frustration at the audacity of this guy and his "troops" to talk about taking responsibility and running a nicer campaign while they do nothing of the sort.

I thought that the Clinton-bashers were bad, but this election season takes the cake. Bush isn't dividing America or dragging politics deep into the gutter-- Americans are.

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