Friday, August 06, 2004
  Da Mayor
My former college roommate is in town, so we went to dinner on Wednesday night in the city. We finished pretty late, and on our way out, sitting at a table by the door, was the honorable Mayor, Gavin Newsom.

So right outside the door we were talking, and of course the topic turned to the honorable Mayor and speculation about his life.

We debated whether his wife was a Victoria's Secret model, just a lingerie model, or a pole dancer. The jury's still out on that.

We speculated about his marriage. He's married to Kimberly Guilfoyle Newsom. She now lives in New York doing TV work, hobnobbing with the rich and famous. A lot of women think that Gavin is a hottie (I disagree), and most men think that Kimberly is a hottie. They are considered a power-couple, but we wondered what a bi-coastal marriage is like between two people like them.

Given the speculation about his marriage, and the fact that we were standing in San Francisco, we wondered amongst ourselves: is he gay? Almost unanimously, and after much debate, we concluded he isn't. But on the way to that conclusion we tried to imagine a relationship between the Mayor and Tom Ammiano, or Matt Gonzales.

All of this discussion took place within ten feet of his table. I hope the windows were sound proof.

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