Friday, July 02, 2004
  No humanity
This post at LGF almost brought me to tears. The total lack of humanity demonstrated here is appalling. There is no real justice system among Palestinians-- it is doled out in the streets by terrorist groups. God forbid a Palestinian is even thought to be a "collaborator."

But I'm mostly appalled that a "journalist" witnessed this and took photographs. Is that not complicity? Why are photographers permitted to witness crimes by terrorists without consequence? This isn't justice, this is murder by a mob. The photographer was complicit in this crime by doing nothing to stop it.

Remember these images as you ponder Palestinian statehood. Would statehood remove this cancer from the population? Doubtful. Would statehood make the average Palestinian safer? Doubtful. Would statehood make Israelis safer? Definitely not. As long as this mentality exists, nothing will change regardless of borders. The Palestinian "Authority" not only allows these acts of barbarism to happen, they bankroll them.

This is hardly a people deserving of a state. They need to clean house before the world (besides France, of course) can take them seriously. If the people want a state, they need to start fighting for it-- and I'm not talking about Israel. The first step the Palestinians can take towards gaining legitimacy is the ousting of the Palestinian Authority in its current and historic state. Considering that other nations will likely not even condemn this.... I'm not holding my breath.

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