Friday, June 25, 2004
  This offer won't last!

Think the House of Saud can't control its militants? Think they didn't know where to find Mr. Johnson before he got his head cut off? Get your head out of the sand. This offer is a PR job, designed to make the ignorants scream "See!! They're fighting terr'ism!" Umm, I don't think so.

Think about Saudi Arabia for a moment. Big Brother is always watching. The religious police are out in full force, and the intelligence boots know what's going on in the country all the time. Somebody, somewhere, in the the Saudi government has a hand in the recent attacks within the country. The Saudi mouthpieces are only pissed because the holy are being killed with the infidels, and they don't want the light shined within.

Realistically speaking, the Sauds have no interest in capturing "militants", they just want them to be "militants" elsewhere, such as target-rich Iraq or Israel.

Something stinks in the house, and people are pretending it smells like roses.

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