Monday, June 14, 2004
  I've had it
I've had it with extremists of all stripes. Monotheists and Atheists, the Christian Coalition and the ACLU/Planned Parenthood/etc., far lefties and far righties.

I'm sick and tired of the mud and insult slinging. Since when is politics so freakin' personal? No one person has the power to singlehandedly destroy America or make it the shining star on earth-- it takes all of us collectively. People want to point fingers and lay blame for the division in this country, when they need only look in the mirror.

Right now American politics are in the gutter and I've had it. I'm tired of even trying to debate reasonably with those who have different ideals. I don't idolize or hate any politician-- I'll save the disdain for the murderous thuggeries across the ponds. Maybe some Americans don't realize how good they got it, maybe they've never faced real evil. Those who suffered under the likes of Hitler or Stalin would probably choose different adjectives than those used lately for American Presidents with whom they disagree. Is it really a relative thing??

Most of all I've had it with the constant painting with a very wide brush of all people who disagree with your ideologies, beliefs and opinions. If I believe what I read, then I'm a very rich, corporate-kissing, Christian-bible-thumping red neck. Either that or I'm dumber than horse manure. Oh, and Bush = Hitler and Michael Moore is our generation's Mark Twain.

It's hard for a person who does not see the world in black and white to hang with those who do. I'm finished with it. I'm not going to debate my beliefs any more, I'll merely state them. And I'm not going to defend against off-the-scale, black and white representations of "truth". It's not that simple.

I'm done.

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