Monday, May 24, 2004
  Coming up for air...
Do people suffer from blog burnout? For the past couple of months, posting has been a chore at best, but mostly a struggle.

It's really hard to keep up the "passion" part that goes with posting about politics and world events. The issues that have come up over the past few weeks have angered me, and to turn around and stoke that anger via this blog has been impossible. So instead I've focused on the finer things in life, like my family (including poopydog), friends and hockey.

So now the Sharks have been eliminated from the playoffs (sorry, Deudd, about your Flyers!!!), but the sun is out and the fresh air of late Spring is inspiring me-- to not blog about current events. Gotta go to some baseball games.

Okay, I'm full of it. I'm resolving to get back to posting. Perhaps the burnout I feel at work has stemmed from the lack of this outlet. This has been a good way to vent frustration over the past year, and now I'm suffering some withdrawals. Perhaps I'll just lay low on politics, religion, war, etc., but I won't stay away from Israel.

We'll see how this goes. In the meantime, I'd put my money on Tampa Bay in the Stanley Cup finals, but I'd put my heart on Calgary.

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