Friday, March 26, 2004
  March Madness
This month has been pretty hectic, mostly where work is concerned. Can't believe March is almost over. So much happening, but the last thing I want to do when I get home from work is turn on the computer, so blogging has been pushed off. When the computer is turned on, it's to do taxes and read email. Beyond that, it's off, and I have just lurked on other blogs, leaving my usual verbose comments.

The problem is that so much has been happening in the world. So much to say, where to begin? Oh, like there's any question...

Yassin is dead. Blown to bits, deservedly so. The outrage around the world is just pathetic. I wish we had a outrage-o-meter, kind of like the applause-o-meters they have at hockey games. When Israel takes out a terrorist, the needle usually hits the red line. When a terrorist strikes Israelis, the needle barely quivers. A bus full of families blows up and the world cries out, in unison, "Israel must shoe restraint!" The UN is silent. The founder of one of the most deadly terrorist organizations is killed, and the moral outrage is deafening. The UN condemns, condemns, condemns.

Considering the pictures and videos that come out the Palestinian areas, with masked gunmen, kids used as tools with Hamas headbands and "toy" guns, candy handouts after the death of some Jooos, etc., you'd think that people would have some insight into the mentality of that group of people. I guess not. It'll always be Israel's problem to solve, no matter what.

Naomi Ragen is back online and just sent an email to her list. She wrote something that answers to the "hornet's nest" reaction to Yassin's knock-out:

As for all the remarks on how "now-you've-made-them-mad. Now-you've- made-them-really-really- mad", please. I have always felt that our enemies will kill us as long as they can, and they'll stop when they can't. May all those who mourn the passing of Yassin soon follow in his footsteps. After all, didn't Yassin say that the day of his martyrdom would be the happiest day in his life? I wish all of his mourners many, many such happy days in their lives.


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