Thursday, February 05, 2004
  Into the eye of the storm
Next week, Daniel Pipes will be speaking at UC Berkeley. For those of you who have never had the (dis)pleasure of experiencing the sights, sounds and smells of Berkeley, let's just say it's the arm pit of the left-- it's where the stinky, far lefty socialist moonbats reside. I'm not kidding. A conservative friend who was visiting last year wanted to go there, and I think it went beyond his expectations. Telegraph Avenue is like the Times Square of moonbatness- photos of Saint Rachel, more Palestinian than American flags, Colin Powell "the ape" flyers stuck to utility poles, "USA (or Israel) is the terrorist" signs. To top it off, the local free paper, The Guardian, had headlines blaring: "ANOTHER VIETNAM". We went during the war in Iraq, so he got the FULL effect. In my opinion, Berkeley is a city full of intolerance and hate.

Daniel Pipes' planned talk already has the Muslim Student Association's panties in a bunch. In Berkeley, you're not supposed to criticize Islamist terrorism. You're supposed to sing the "Religion of Peace" song, and "Israel is the oppressor". When the city council passed a resolution asking for a full investigation into the suicide of Saint Rachel, some Berkeley folks introduced a counter measure to consider a resolution asking for investigations into the murder of ALL Americans in Israel, including Marla Bennet, a UC Berkeley student who was murdered by a Palestinian suicide bomber while she studied in Israel in 2002.

I've decided that I want to go to this talk. Daniel Pipes rarely comes to the west coast, and the choice of venue is... well, classic. Of course, I'll have the digital camera in tow. This should be interesting...

Regrettably, I did not go-- I actually forgot about it. Doh! Given the descriptions of the event at LGF, and the photos taken, it certainly would have been interesting, but frustrating. Next time...

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