Wednesday, February 25, 2004
  Heart snatcher
I wanted my three readers to meet the newest addition to the family and a big reason I haven't been posting much lately. His name is Marleau, and he is the best doggie ever (no bias here!):

We adopted him from German Shepherd Rescue of Northern California, a group that does awesome work saving a lot of great dogs. His savior, Susan, kept her eye on him at the pound until his kill date, as she was certain he would be claimed. She seems to think that somebody paid a lot of money for him at a breeder. He has a solid temperament, and great physical form. An added bonus: he's cute as hell and only about a year old. We had him micro-chipped on his first visit with the Vet-- we don't ever want him to end up looking for another home.

He is sweet as pie, very affectionate, and loves people, big and small. He also can't get enough of playing with other doggies, especially when he goes to work with his pop. He is now the star of the office, and we have concluded that he'd make a great "babe-magnet" for a single guy/gal!

So we're in love. He's done a few bad-doggie things, but nothing awful. He's still learning the house rules, and it's quite obvious he aims to please. Very, very smart and alert dog. Funny thing is- he rarely barks. We've only really heard him bark twice in two weeks, despite all the craziness in his life right now.

Oh, and in case you are wondering where the name came from, we adopted him the weekend of the NHL All-Star game, and we're big Sharks fans. A certain Sharks player was appearing in his first All-Star game, and we happen to like this player a LOT. Oh, and he has puppy eyes.

[P.S. You can't squish him, Mikey!!]

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