Friday, January 09, 2004
  Weekend picks
What the heck, why not pick 'em every week? I'm no expert-- I'm more likely to pick a race horse based on his jockey's jersey colors than the horse's record... but on any given Sunday. So here goes (picks in bold):

Saturday, Jan 10

Carolina at St. Louis
Tennessee at New England

Sunday, Jan 11

Indianapolis at Kansas City
Green Bay at Philadelphia

Picking Carolina is more wishful thinking than anything. I just can't stand St. Louis! I like every other team in the playoffs this year, but can do without Kansas City. Green Bay will be a force to reckon with, but Philadelphia has the talent to beat them, all they have to do is take advantage of their inevitable mistakes.

Tennessee and New England would be a toss-up, but since I already picked New England to go to the Superbowl, I guess that means they have to win this game, too. Kansas City is very over-rated. Their record to start the season was a fluke-- there's no way they can beat Tony Dungy and his Colts.

So, back to my countdown to Spring Training...

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