Friday, December 05, 2003
  Desperation looks like this...
Yesterday it was Al Gore. Today it was Dianne Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi. In the next week or so, it might be Bill Clinton.

All of these politicians have put their weight behind the Democratic Mayoral candidate in San Francisco. Polls currently put him behind the Green Party candidate whose name was relatively unknown until just a few months ago, especially to people outside the city. The Democratic candidate, who was considered a shoo-in just a few months ago, is now getting the "big guns" in his corner in a last ditch attempt to sway as many voters as possible. My question is: do they endorse the candidate or just the letter behind his name? My guess is it's the latter. It also shows the real threat that the Green Party is to the Democrats these days-- memories of 2000 have not quite faded yet.

This particular election is going to be an interesting sign for California politics, where the Democratic party has reigned supreme for over five years. Up until last month, Democrats held every major statewide office, plus a majority of the legislature. This election could very well demonstrate the polarization of the Democratic party, and be the second in a possible string of election losses for the party.

"I think there is an enormous amount at stake," said Newsom, who has also secured endorsements from Democratic presidential candidates Dick Gephardt, Joe Lieberman and John Kerry. "We lost the governor's office and now our last bastion, northern California, is at play."

Umm, Gavin, San Francisco is hardly the "last bastion" for the Democratic party, but a loss there sure would be an embarrassing wake up call, now wouldn't it? Fact is, until the Democratic party comes up with a coherent message, traditional Democrats will seek out alternatives. The Green party is becoming a nuisance, and the Dems don't like it:

"I respect anybody who wants to participate in whatever party ... so I respect the Greens and the enthusiasm that they bring to the political process. However, the fight in this country is between the Democrats and the Republicans," said Pelosi. "In order for the Democrats to prevail we have to be strong. Having the mayor of San Francisco be a Democrat is important to us."

The "fight" is between the Dems and Republicans? Oy vey. She really meant to say, "now all you SF libruls, be good little sheep and vote for the Democrat. Don't be silly, kids!" She also said that the country needs to give Bush the boot, and put Dems back in power in the White House and Congress because the Donkey party is what's best for this country, while Republicans are only legislating for big business (heard this on the radio today-- I'll link when I find the quote.) What is she smoking?? You know what they say about opinions...

Even though I don't live in San Francisco proper, we will have to see/hear the next mayor fairly consistently during his term. I must say, the prospect of having to listen to Gavin Newsom for the next four years is frightening. The guy is too slick, too political, too "Clinton-esque" for my taste. Even on mute, he is just reeks of slick. The voice he puts on, his physical mannerisms, his former model DA wife... blech!

Never thought I'd say this, but Matt Gonzalez really needs to win this one. For the sake of the collective Bay Area sanity, and just to see the reaction of the Democratic hoo-hahs. I feel the winds of change around these parts, and the 2004 election is looking more and more promising every day.

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