Thursday, November 13, 2003
  What's the purpose?

Ted Rall wrote an Op/"Ed" that poses as a letter to the folks whose goal is to kill as many American forces as possible in their efforts to run us out of Iraq (or should it be a letter posing as an op/ed?) It is a rallying letter, complete with a quote from Che Guevara and the usual swipe at Israel. It's appalling, sickening and pointless. It will undoubtedly be picked up by the Arab press as an "example" that the American people want the terrorists to keep up their attacks and run us out of there.

This article is the kind of document that could be copied and distributed to the "insurgents" for a little motivational kick. When will people like Rall realize that this kind of tripe is dangerous and unacceptable? More importantly, when will the folks on the left start to criticize or condemn this kind of radical garbage? The fringe have been dragging the entire left side down into the crapper.

I wonder how our troops would feel about this piece of garbage. I wonder how our veterans feel about this kind of message on Veterans Day...

[Link via Citizen Smash]

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