Thursday, November 06, 2003
  Oh no!
The news keeps getting worse and worse for the Bush haters of America. Wonder what will happen next... drilling for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge? (For the record, I'm neither here nor there on drilling in the ANWR. I can understand both sides.)

Jobless Claims Plunge, Productivity Soars

I lost my job in April, 2001, and remained relatively unemployed (was underemployed off and on) for two years. The market was awful back in 2001. This past summer it wasn't even close to that bad-- it was getting better and continues to get better (I got a job back at my previous employment level with a moderate pay raise.) There is only so much productivity growth a steady workforce can handle, and it's only a matter of time before employment catches up with the rest of the economy.

Was Bush responsible for my job loss in 2001? Heck no. Was he responsible for getting me a job in 2003? Uh, no. (Mr. Clinton was no more responsible for my employment during his tenure.) Jobs come and go, the economy expands and contracts. Perhaps the "record" job losses we've seen over the past few years were simply the result of companies shedding the fat after over-hiring during the previous five+ years. I've known more than a few people who got jobs for which they were far from qualified-- some companies just needed a warm body to fill a job req.

Surely this is driving the doomsayers close to suicide. They'll just keep wishing death on our soldiers in Iraq, unemployment on their struggling fellow Americans, and continued videos from the ashes and bones of OBL. The sacrifices will be worth it just to get Dubya out of that house on 1600 Pennsylvania. Wonder what it's like to live in such a cold, dark world. Some advice: sunshine is good for ya. Lifts the spirits and is a source of Vitamin D. Trying letting some shine in!

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