Sunday, November 09, 2003
  Oh the humanity!
Team USA will not play for gold in Athens next year. How can this be? How did it come down to ONE game for arguably the best national baseball team today? How strange is it that the US won't be playing America's game, while Italy and the Netherlands will?!

I'm trying to understand one thing: Team U.S.A. was 3 - 0 going into Friday's game with Mexico. Mexico was 0 - 3, and advanced to play the U.S. because Bahamas forfeited.

Explain-- how is a team that went 3 - 1 out, while the 1 - 3 team advanced? It's hard to comprehend that this came down to ONE game for them. I'm crushed that Team USA won't be there, and think that the Olympics baseball tourney will be a rip-off absent the defending gold medalists.

The qualification standards have to change-- the rules should ensure that the best teams make it to play in the Olympics, and no team should be eliminated based on one game after playing perfect baseball. This is an outrage-- I demand an investigation, darnit!

PS- have I mentioned how exciting it was to see the Yanks lose in the World Series? Love Roger Clemens, but enough already!

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