Sunday, November 09, 2003
  As usual....
.... complain complain complain..... criticize criticize criticize....

But don't bother sharing any original ideas, make no suggestions. Is repealing the Patriot Act, which has been roundly criticized on both sides of the aisle, all you can come up with, Mr. Gore?

Dunno, none of my civil liberties have been taken away lately; I have nothing to hide in my library records (for which a search would require the blessing of a judge). Tighten up our borders and implement a national ID card, complete with biometric records (which would also go a long way in fighting crime.) Allowing illegals drivers' licenses in my state amounts to a serious security breach on a national level. Is my state government making us safer?

One can ask if the Bush administration has made us safer. Knock on wood, we haven't had another attack on our soil in over two years. And this week in Saudi Arabia, our government shut down American interests in light of warnings of imminent terrorist attacks. The Saudi government seethed and whined-- we were overreacting, just like after 9/11, they said-- and just days later 17 were murdered in a suicide attack in Riyadh. Could our intelligence have worked here? Is it possible that they are now having to attack their own because they are having more trouble getting to us? (On that note, our intelligence is warning of more possible attacks in Saudi Arabia. I wonder if the Saudi government will again accuse us of overreacting, instead of maybe looking into it and trying to prevent further attacks.)

It's a bit dishonest to celebrate Bush for single-handedly preventing attacks, just as it is to hold him responsible for the attacks that do happen. And it's pretty disingenuous that some people will jump to blame him for all things bad, then find excuses for all things good, because good things happen despite Bush.

Wonder what it's like to live in such a doom and gloom world, where the solution to the most complicated of problems involves simply ousting the man at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Do people like Gore have anything positive to say? The negativity is draining, to say the least, and it's amazing that these people have the will to carry on. This is why I had to stop checking the "D" on my voter registration card-- it's become impossible to identify with that. Depressing.

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