Friday, October 10, 2003
  Multi-culti nitwits
In an editorial in the Los Angeles Times today, an alleged professor of history somehow ignores history and the radical Islamic condition and spouts off that the world must be "multicultural" to be acceptable-- only "multicultural" to him means drop your culture and background and let's all just become World Citizens of Utopia.
The problem with Israel, in short, is not, as is sometimes suggested, that it is a European enclave in the Arab world but rather that it arrived too late. It has imported a characteristically late-19th-century separatist project into a world that has moved on, a world of individual rights, open frontiers and international law. The very idea of a "Jewish state" — a state in which Jews and the Jewish religion have exclusive privileges from which non-Jewish citizens are forever excluded — is rooted in another time and place. Israel, in short, is an anachronism.

He's right about one thing: Israel did arrive too late. Six million exterminated Jews too late. He has ignored the conditions in the world historically and today, where Jews never had a safe home until Israel was born. My family got the boot twice from their homeland: in 1492 from Spain, and in 1956 from Morocco. Thanks to Israel, and now the United States, we have a place to live in relative peace. But in his mind, if we'd all just dump our identities and lay down, everything would be just hunky dory. Which it would-- for the radical Islamists.

Diaspora Jews are implicitly identified with Israeli policies. The increased incidence of attacks on Jews in Europe and elsewhere is primarily attributable to misdirected efforts, often by young Muslims, to get back at Israel.

As a "Diaspora Jew", I am proud to be implicitly identified with Israeli policies, especially if they involve crushing the likes of Syria. The "increased incidence of attacks" around the world are not attributable to some revenge factor against Israel. It's just the opposite: the hatred and violence against Israel is attributable to the Muslim population's total intolerance of Jews. But the fact remains that the attacks will not end even if Israel is pushed into the sea. Remember, Hitler didn't just want to kill Jews....

It amazes me that people with warped views such as his are considered qualified to teach a "higher" education. As usual, everything wrong with the Middle East is wrong because of Israel. Israel is the intolerant one, Israel is the country that needs to dump its identity to "fit in" to the New World Order. I wonder if it ever occurred to him that Israel had to exist to save a large population from certain extermination? I suppose it never occurred to him that many of the people who emigrated to Israel did so to get a taste of freedom from persecution. And it certainly never occurred to him that Muslims in Israel have more rights, more freedoms, than they would have in one of their own "brotherly" Muslim states.

Fact is, Israel is closer in values, form of government and lifestyle to the United States-- in many cases more so than our European pals. Israel is more multicultural than all of her neighbors combined. Does he not understand that basic truth? Try to take a Bible into Israel, then try to enter Saudi Arabia with said Bible if you want a quick demonstration of which country is the tolerant one.

In today's "clash of cultures" between open, pluralist democracies and belligerently intolerant, faith-driven ethno-states, Israel actually risks falling into the wrong camp.

This guy needs to lay off the crack. If he bothered to step foot into Israel, the truth would likely be too much for him to take. In essence, he places the only true democracy in that region in the same category as Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Kuwait, the Kingdom of Saud, Yemen, etc. That's what makes this editorial so utterly incomprehensible.

I'm sick and tired of people who say we must be tolerant of other cultures and ethnicities, and dump our own in the process. Who is the intolerant one in that equation? I suppose that for some, a Brave New World is preferable to a tiny country with a Jewish identity.

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