Monday, October 27, 2003
  Michael Moore, representative of the common man, purveyor of truth
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A capitalist wolf in creep's clothing

Recently, a co-worker asked me if I had seen the movie Bowling for Columbine yet, I told her absolutely not! My answer surprised her, given the fact my son, Matthew, was one of the 13 murdered during the deadliest school shooting in our country's history. I explained to her that prior to the public release of the movie the families of the injured and dead were invited by Michael Moore to attend a preview screening. How thoughtful.

Our family and others considered attending because we were genuinely interested in his message to the public regarding gun control and school violence.

However, once we discovered he was going to charge us admission we refrained from doing so.

It's laughable that Moore attempts to portray himself as an anti-establishment liberal who is the voice of the common folk, when in fact he is no better than the greedy capitalists he shuns. Maybe now that he has made millions of dollars off the blood of our children he could toss a DVD or two our way to view.

Ann M. Kechter


[emphasis added]

That is precisely how I felt after sitting through the hatefest that was BFC-- he used the tragedy of Columbine to make alotta bucks. I felt filthy for paying to see it. Who is the immoral, greedy capitalist?? Depends on who you ask.

[Via Right-Thinking, always with his eye on Michael Moore]

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