Tuesday, October 07, 2003
  It's over... it's starting
The DNC folks are screeching about the election day "problems" that voters are facing today. While the media report relatively few glitches today, the CA DNC Chairman, Art Torres, is busy ranting about the voters' inability to find their polling places. Pardon me for pointing out: I received my voter guide several weeks ago. Californians have known of their polling place for weeks. Can't find it? Maybe you need to wonder why your party attracts folks who are too clueless to find the polling place in their neighborhood. That's not to mention the sudden inappropriateness of a voting ballot that has been in use for decades in California-- a ballot that was perfectly valid less than a year ago when Gray Davis won the election by just a few percentage points.

I'm relieved that Davis is out. He brought this upon himself with his gross mismanagement and abhorrent behavior over the past five years: he bungled the energy crisis, he screwed up the budget, he pandered to special interests (basically selling his services to the highest bidder), he played dirty politics. His dirty politics last year knocked out the Republican candidate that would have easily beaten him during the regular election. He should have known that his political days would be numbered when he barely beat the inferior candidate in November. Can't beat Bill Simon? Good luck beating Arnold.

Today I feel optimistic. We need change here, the status quo simply is not working. I'm also optimistic that a new Conservative voice has risen and has a bright future: Tom McClintock. He ran an impressive campaign with a relatively small budget and no mud slinging. He stuck to the issues and commanded respect. Can't wait to see him in a higher office soon.

Davis' concession speech was nice (I don't necessarily trust the sincerity of anything the guy says). Cruz Bustamante's "concession" speech, wrapped up in a hip-hip-hooray for No on 54, was pathetic. Hopefully his political career has ended today. He is a scary person, spending most of his speech expressing unending gratitude towards the Indian tribes that took the tax money they didn't have to pay to the state and put it in his campaign coffers. Illegally. At least Gray Davis had the tact to spend most of his time thanking his closest supporters, such as his wife and family. Cruz is slimey, and would have been exponentially worse than Davis. Thank goodness he didn't win, and thank goodness his true colors came out during this campaign. Hopefully Californians won't forget.

And Arnold's victory speech was funny: the new Republican governor was far outnumbered by Democrats on the stage. Kennedys, no less. This should be interesting.

So glad this is over. It's time to move on.

More tomorrow...

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