Thursday, October 02, 2003
  The Curse
It seems like my A's have been playing nonstop baseball over the past 24 hours... but it's all good. Can you say two and oh?

We ended up going to the game last night when somebody couldn't make it. Twelve innings and four and half hours later, they came through and beat the BoSox. Let's just say that I would not have been a happy camper had they lost at midnight. But hey, imagine how those Boston fans felt at 3:00 a.m.! (Not that I'm gloating!)

So now they go to Boston with two wins, needing just one more for the series. While that's awesome news, I remember their two-nothing lead on the Yanks two years ago, so I'm not doing cartwheels yet... but I'm warming up! It's so nice to have this little baseball distraction right now. The regular news and issues are just too much to take lately...

May the Curse of the Bambino live!


PS: Two FA-18 fighter jets did a fly-over just before the game last night. WOWZA! That would have been enough for me. What an awesome sight-- we could almost touch them (we were on the upper deck, over home plate), their afterburners shook my bones. The Blue Angels are here in one week for fleet week. Can't wait!

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