Thursday, October 16, 2003
  Citizen Smash responds
Citizen Smash (f.k.a. LT-Smash) has addressed the doomsayers and critics of our war in Iraq. Not that anything he says could possibly let the sun shine in on their cold, dark worlds. Note that one such doomsayer leaves a comment, and brushes all progress aside as "statistics." I suppose that the thousands of Iraqis murdered and dumped in mass graves are just a "statistic" to him. One man's statistic is another man's visit with his doctor, or electricity to make dinner, or schoolhouse to send his kids.

As far as WMDs go, I, for one, have always felt that desire and means are justification enough for what we did. Saddam had both. (He also funded the Palestinian assault on Israeli civilians-- how can anybody complain about that source being eliminated?) As soon as the world turned away, we certainly would have had that imminent threat the peaceniks keep screeching about. Problem is, I didn't want to wait for the imminent threat, and I would NEVER give the benefit of the doubt to a tyrant like Saddam. He had to go. Period.

Of course there is the "Bush lied" meme among the peaceniks and pacifists-- I still await the inarguable proof. Perception of a lie does not equal a lie. I don't feel lied to. I didn't take my government's words at face value-- I read up on the issue and drew my own conclusions. It's nobody's fault but your own if you went along with what you were spoon-fed without checking facts or reading up on history.

We should all be thankful that Saddam made that strategic mistake in 1990: invading Kuwait just months before acquiring nukes. Heaven knows how different the world would be today had he waited. And history will be the judge of our actions to boot Saddam. Hopefully people will start to learn to practice a little patience.

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