Tuesday, October 28, 2003
  Can't imagine
It's hard for me to wrap my brain around what people in Southern California are going through right now. These fires are so powerful, making us mere humans so helpless. What would I do if my home was threatened? Beyond packing up memories (pictures and such) and some clothes, probably not much.

A house is so much more than a structure-- it's the family base, where we all eat dinner together, bid farewell in the morning and hello in the evening. It's our shelter. We feel safe in our homes. These people's lives are changed forever. The next few years are going to be the most difficult they've ever experienced, most likely. Just rebuilding the structure will cost them so much in frustration and energy. They will miss the next few holidays at home. They surely have lost family heirlooms, beautiful pictures of the kids at the beach this past summer, letters from loved ones and friends.

At least the majority still have their lives and their health, thanks to the brave emergency workers who pounded on doors to move people out. They have each other, and hopefully the helping hand of extended family and their friends. Most of these people will have to rebuild their lives again from scratch.

It's not the material things that make this so tragic, it's the sentimental and the loss of the family nest and the safety zone.

To help:
American Red Cross - San Diego and Imperial Counties
If you want your donation to go to the victims of these wildfires, select the National Disaster Relief Fund designated to the Southern California Wildfires program option on the online form.

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