Monday, October 20, 2003
  Al Guardian loves Israel
Al Guardian has a terrific article today about the families of the ISM tools who were severely injured or killed by the IDF several months ago. What I find amazing is how these people eat up the Palestinian propaganda, and believe so strongly that their kids did absolutely nothing wrong. One look into the organization with which they were associated, and it becomes quite obvious that they were not, in fact, merely "peace activists."

What I find amazing is their total ignorance of the big picture. Their kids put themselves in a war zone and paid the ultimate price. That's war-- war is a bitch. The media seem to eat these stories up like a lion that hasn't eaten in three weeks. I often wonder: where are the stories of the families of the truly innocent foreigners who have been killed at the hands of the Palestinian animals inside of Israel? Or how about the innocent Israelis who have been murdered or maimed by the terrorists that these ISM tools were so bent on protecting? We never hear about them from the mainstream media outside of Israel. I wonder why...

But now we know that these families are outraged. Are they outraged that the PA does nothing to stop the terrorism that forces Israel to do what she does? No. Are they outraged that there will never be an inquiry or "criminal prosecution" after a terrorist strapped with nail-packed explosives snuffs out an entire family taking a break from the beach? Nope. They probably aren't even the least bit outraged that three Americans were murdered in cold blood as they entered the deepest, darkest pit of hatred and violence to offer the opportunity for an education to those poor, poor Palestinians that their saintly kids adored so much (in contrast to what their kids were doing, these three Americans were truly doing something to help.)

And the Guardian eats up this sob story. They offer no context, and they repeat the usual unproven lines as fact. In fact, the language this reporter uses is downright disgusting:

The British and American families emphasise that their cases are no worse than the suffering of hundreds of Palestinians whose children have been killed by the army during the three-year intifada.

Even the most blatant cases of extrajudicial killing by soldiers are rarely investigated by the military police, and usually only after adverse publicity. Only nine soldiers have been charged with illegal killings; so far, there has not been one conviction in three years. [Ed: How many "freedom fighters" have been charged with "illegal" killings? How many have been convicted? Only the ones who are tried in Israel, as everybody knows the revolving door that is the PA Prison and Justice System.]

But the families of the foreign victims find it telling that even under diplomatic pressure, and with greater media attention, Israel has shown little interest in getting to the truth that the Hurndalls, Millers and Corries are seeking. [Emphasis added]

Now, let's review one more time: Rachel Corrie and the ISM are there to teach peace:

My, my... what's coming out of that mouth of yours, young Saint Rachel??

And her parents wholeheartedly condemn terrorism, and would never think to look longingly at the Inventor of International Terrorism:

These kids can almost be excused for being young and idealistic... but their parents? No excuse whatsoever.

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