Thursday, September 25, 2003
  What they said
The debate last night was typical of the circus that is the California Recall Election. Why they invite Arianna Huffington, with her 1 - 2% in the polls is beyond me. The "moderator" was a joke. He really seemed to like the attention.

Anyway, they all said their schpeels. A lot of the same ol' same ol'. Here is a summary of what I heard:

Bustamante: California is raiding the working class! The working class are the only ones who pay taxes and work hard for a living! The illegal immigrants are working class, too! Give them drivers licenses, give them healthcare, disband the INS! Who needs 'em? Do you think those INS bandits have ever picked cotton?? DO YOU? Well, I have! I've picked cotton and peaches and everything else you eat and clean your ears with!! I KNOW! It's a MECHA thang, you wouldn't understand. Honky. Vaya a Disneylandia, yanqui!

Comejo: The rich are under-taxed! Tax the rich! The rich need to pay their fair share! Tax business! They're getting off cheap! Oh, and no blood for oil!

Huffington: What California needs is a governor who is not beholden to special interests. That's me! Cruz, you are a highway bandit!! Arnold, you treat women BAD! Tom, I like you ~smooch~. Peter? Peter who?

McClintock: California can cut spending without raising taxes. The people of this fine state have been punished enough with mismanagement. You guys are missing the point here... (goes on making clear points with solid ideas... hard to mock this guy)

Schwarzenegger: Arianna. Arianna... I'm going to drive my hummer through your tax loophole! Arianna. Arianna...

And there you have it. The California Recall election debate in a nutshell. October 7 couldn't come soon enough.

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