Wednesday, September 17, 2003
Reason #5,273 to boycott Berkeley

Apparently their city council, once again sticking their noses in issues where they have no business, finds that Rachel Corrie's life is more valuable than the countless Americans who have been killed by suicide bombers. Including Marla Bennet, a Cal student who was murdered by a Palestinian suicide bomber at Hebrew University last year.

These people disgust me, especially those in the crowd who found it appropriate to shout down the supporters of the counter-measure. These are the same people whose dissent was crushed, their voices silenced, in the run-up to the war with Iraq.

I wonder why they would be against a broader investigation? Could it be because Jewish blood is less valuable than that of a pro-Palestinian? Is the death of a person who knowingly took a risk by entering a war zone more tragic than that of a person who was just taking the bus home? These people are the hateful ones, and they cannot even see it.

The Berkeley City Council continues to pander to them. Tonight the backers of the broader counter measure will try to re-introduce it for a vote. In a perfect world, they would just stick to local issues, and stop getting into national and foreign policy. But I'll bet that they vote down the counter measure, and stick with the Corrie-only measure.


American "peace" activist, Rachel Corrie, teaching "peace" to Palestinian children

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