Monday, September 15, 2003
Jimmy Cottah -- sit down and shut up!

When will former Presidents learn to just sit down and stay out of current policy issues? Jimmy Carter is proving to be incredibly delusional, and I long for the years when he just kept his mouth shut and built houses. I actually respected him back then.

Apparently the United States is not be "even handed" enough in the Middle East "peace" process, and Israel has "violated" the "road map" with their latest stance on the terrorist Arafat. (How many sneer quotes can we fit in a sentence, you ask? Never enough when talking about this issue.)

Carter Prods Bush on Mideast Peace Plan

In an Associated Press interview 25 years after the Camp David accords, Carter said Israel and the Palestinians had not only abandoned the U.S.-backed road map for peace but had violated it — Israel by threatening the "removal" of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat. He suggested the Bush administration was tilted toward Israel.

Funny how he leaves out how the Palis have violently violated the pathetic "road map."

I would argue that it would be morally wrong for us NOT to tilt towards Israel. They are a true friend and the sole democracy in a region that is a terrorist cesspool. The Palestinians, on the other hand, continue to blow up innocent women and children on busses, in cafes, pubs and discos. They preach hate, teach hate to their children, and have done nothing but spit on the so-called Oslo "accords." We now have children born after the Oslo "accords" stating that they want to kill Jews. Could have sworn that those famed accords included something about eliminating the Jew-hatred from the grade school curriculum, but I guess that's just not very important when we're talking about making peace with a neighbor.

I suppose Mr. Carter hasn't been watching much of the news lately, or even paid attention to the rantings of the Palis. He actually refers to the Oslo agreement as "successful and permanent." The coke came out of my nose on that little gem... Is he really that clueless?

Is it me, or are there just too many stoopid people to count lately???

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