Thursday, September 04, 2003
The interview

Last week Mad Mikey blog-interviewed Cait, Scroff/Ruthie and me. For our participation, we agreed to interview two or three additional bloggers. Vinny and Chet have graciously volunteered to play the game (Raphy, feel free to humor me!)

So, gentlemen, here are your interview questions. The deal is that you have to answer these questions on your blog, then recruit two or three (or four) more victims for whom you will write five new questions. Then they'll have to do the same, and the chain lives on. Ready?

1. A perfect day in the life of [fill in your name here] would go like this:"

2. In five words or less, describe the United States. You can use 5 adjectives/nouns/verbs or a sentence of up to 5 words.

3. You have the power to appoint our President. Who will you choose and why?

4. The greatest leader to ever grace planet Earth was....

5. What is your favorite cartoon of all time?

Looking forward to seeing your answers. And thanks for playing!

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