Sunday, September 07, 2003
Embarrassment to the uniform

This guy irked me before, when this story first made the news. Now he has been tried and convicted in a court martial. For some reason, he's been found innocent of the desertion charge, and guilty of the unauthorized absence charge.

What angers me so much is that we now have people voluntarily joining the military for totally misguided reasons, expecting a free ride for four years, then shrieking their anti-war stance when ~gasp~ they are asked-- no, ordered-- to fulfill the duties for which they enlisted. This guy is pathetic, should have been convicted of desertion, and should get more time in jail for wasting everybody's time and taxpayer dollars. He should also return all of his military pay, as he did absolutely NOTHING to earn it.

The term "conscientious objector" should be removed the American military lexicon, until serving in the U.S. armed forces becomes compulsory. When one volunteers for service, it's a well known fact that you might be called to fight a war that you do not agree with. That's part of the deal. If he was truly a "conscientious objector," he never would have enlisted-- especially in the USMC. He should have gotten a clue during boot camp. It's kind of indicative of his intelligence level...

Conscientious Objector Found Guilty of Unauthorized Absence

Supporters of Funk claim the military court wanted to make example of him because he's been vocal about his opposition to the war in Iraq.

Jeff Patterson is a former Marine and supporter and was in the courtroom for the verdict.

"Well these people felt that they needed to send a message, espcially at a time when our president has declared a war without end that reservists should think twice about following their conscience, objecting to any upcoming wars and they should do what the military tells them to do," Patterson told KCBS. [emphasis added]

This guy and his little supporter are an embarrassment to the US Armed Forces. Where do they get off thinking that they can join the military, NOT do their jobs, and then NOT pay the consequences? Where did they get the crazy idea that by joining the military, they'd get to pick and choose the conflicts in which they'd get to fight, or not fight?

I just have to say "ugh".

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