Wednesday, September 03, 2003
Come on in! Everybody is welcome in the PRK

Words cannot describe how I feel about the misguided decision of my state's legislature to allow illegals to get CA drivers licenses. This makes no sense-- it simply legitimizes the illegitimate. And, as Tom McClintock said today, it seriously undermines any efforts to enforce our immigration laws. These legistators are a bunch of buffoons, and we need to remember this come election time. Don't forget the deeds of the Democratic party, under serious scrutiny due to the recall election. They will forever rely on "minorities" and "racism" to get their votes. Pathetic. This isn't about racism-- it's about obeying our immigration laws, and keeping our population safe. This is especially significant in light of terrorist aspirations these days. I guess political aspirations will make one blind to cold-hard reality.

I feel the same way about this as I did when a certain "Muslim" wanted to have her license picture taken with her face covered. The point of a driver's license, besides determining your ability to drive, is that it's a very important form of identification. If you can't meet the minimum requirements, then you don't get one. Establishing identity is one requirement. Legitimate residency is another. Don't got 'em? Then you don't get the priviledge to drive. Simple as that. Coming to this country is a priviledge, not a right. Illegal status in this country does not allow for the same rights that we legals get. I'm sick and tired of the old argument, "but what about their rights???" My constitution does not protect Mexicans. Sorry, write your own freakin' constitution!

The worst part of this debacle is that this bill is more extreme than previous bills that have been debated in the state Congress, and vetoed by Davis. For some CRAZY reason, they've removed all requirements for fingerprints (hello!). The funny thing is that certain Assembly-folk believe that fingerprinting has a "big brother" quality to it. So why do I have give up my fingerprint? Why are the sensitivities of an illegal minority taken into consideration when doling out undeserved priviledges to them? There is a common-sense reason behind fingerprints-- it's called identity confirmation. Apparently the identity of illegals needn't be confirmed. Come on over, terrorists! You can get a bona-fide piece of identification, and you don't have to be identified! Way to go, dumb, dumb, dummies.

Cleary, this is a stunt to get the Latin vote on October 7. Gray Davis had turned 180 degrees in no time flat. He is a pathetic human being.

Mad Mikey covers the bases on this issue, and I agree with everything he says. Especially the importance of getting out to vote and telling your "representative" how you feel about their stupidity. The drivers license graphic on the post is especially .... telling.

By the way, at the bottom of the article linked above is the voting roll call (you can log into the LA Times using "anonymous" as your user name and password. sshh! Don't tell anyone). You can also find out how your legislator voted at the California Legislative Information website.

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