Monday, September 08, 2003
click click click

Last night, my husband woke me up when he got up and left our room with the big mag-lite I keep between the bed and night stand (used to have a wood bat, but changed to the dual-use bludgeoning tool instead). He said he heard something. For some reason, that didn't bother me.

A couple hours later (it's now sometime after 3:00am, I think) I wake up to clicking noises, almost sounds like somebody is messing with a door or a window, or tapping on our skylight. This also wakes Jim up. We get up to figure out where the sound is coming from. It's definitely coming from above. It sounds like something is digging at a wood beam, and at one point it sounded like it was messing with something metallic. Very strange. We concluded that there is probably a rat in our attic. Blech!

Not long after, a similar noise traveled across our ceiling, got to the edge and stopped (did it jump? did it go to sleep in the gutter? or did it fly away?) Now we think there may be a bird nesting under the roof tiles.

When we get home this evening, we're going to have to investigate the roof tile theory. Otherwise, I'm calling the exterminator-- I will NOT go into the attic to meet a filthy, diseased rat. But Jim can. :-)

Also on the domestic front: the tomatoes are RED!!! I'm so excited, I thought it would never happen. Hopefully when we pick them, the others will grow a little faster. The first ones that emerged are very large, and the subsequent ones are medium to small. Seems like the elders are hogging all the resources. The basil is still getting bigger (it's beautiful purple and green), the mint is quite the weed, and the lemons are turning yellow. The oranges are very tiny and green ~sigh~.

And now back to our regular opinionated broadcast....

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