Wednesday, September 03, 2003
The circus that is my state

Lord help us if Cruz Bustamante is elected governor. This guy is really scary.

Five of the top six candidates participated in a debate today. One of the people in the audience asked Bustamante if he believes whether there are any programs in California that illegals should NOT be eligible for-- after the state Senate voted to allow illegalimmigrants to get CA drivers licenses. He did a pathetic song and dance-- "immigrants work hard, they are part of our families, they do the jobs Americans don't want to do, I used to pick cotton...." the moderator had to ask him to answer the question. He simply said that clearly there are programs that illegals shouldn't be eligible for, and gave no specifics. And it seemed like he wanted to call the guy who asked the question a racist. He'll truly work for a few special interests (Mexican immigrants, Indian tribes) and his political-speak sounds all too familiar.

Tom McClintock and Peter Ueberroth seemed to be the most consistent and made the most sense. McClintock spoke with ease and confidence, and he came off as man who knew what he was talking about and is firm in his beliefs. I don't think he would be one to be swayed by polls (he even expressed his support for Prop 215, which legalized medicinal marijuana. Doh!) He is a true conservative. Peter Ueberroth also seemed confident, didn't speak politi-speak, and is the most "independent" of the bunch. His focus is on the financial crisis this state is facing. His goal is to fix it-- no more, no less.

I wish Schwarzenegger would drop out. Seriously. His absence at this debate spoke volumes about his qualifications, and he honestly would have completely fumbled. He needs to move aside. He never should have entered, and his presence could result in Bustamante ending up in the Governor's mansion. Speak on issues, Arnie.

Arianna Huffington is just a clown. She came out swinging at Bustamante, as they are fighting for the same group of voters. She is a Democrat in "independent" clothes. She was actually comical. It's hard to take her seriously. Comejo is a freak. There's just no way in hell this guy should hold any high office, he's way too extreme, imho.

At this point, I have no idea who I'll vote for. I said before, I'd rather keep Davis in office than have Bustamante take over. The Repblicans need to unify behind one candidate, and Arnold will probably lose in poll numbers after his no-show. I hope his ego will allow him to move aside for the sake of all of us. If we're lucky, McClintock or Ueberroth will be our next Governor. I won't hold my breath, and I'm envisioning three more years of pathetic leadership and deepening crisis. But, hey, this is California. We're used to being the laughing stock of the country.

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