Sunday, September 14, 2003
As if it's not easy enough

So my beloved Governor signed the bill that will make it possible for illegal immigrants to get valid drivers licenses. The supporters of this bill argued that since they drive anyway, we oughta make it legal so they can get insurance. Considering that an estimated 30% of legally licensed California residents drive without insurance, what makes anybody think that illegals will turn around and get insured?

So what this comes down to is a pathetic attempt for Mr. Davis to get the votes of the Latino community in his desperate bid to keep his seat as CA Governor. To hell with all of us legal Californians. Apparently our security and safety matter not. This will not result in insured illegal residents. It will, however, completely turn our driver's license into a useless piece of plastic. This is the document I use for financial transactions, employment, identification at airports (you know, the launching pad for the attacks on 9/11?), and numerous other things that require proof of identity. So now illegals will be able to get on an airplane, open bank accounts, rent cars.... I'm sorry, but how does this help the greater good of California?

Apparently it's already fairly easy to get licenses using phony identities, and then use them to do unsavory things, such as purchase firearms. Why must we make it any easier for people to get one? Specifically illegals? These are people who are obviously not beholden to the law of the land by virtue of being in a country illegally, so what makes anybody think they will obey our laws once they get a license?

Davis signed the bill before hundreds of cheering supporters in Los Angeles. The predominantly Hispanic crowd waved flags, mostly U.S. but also those of Mexico and various Central American countries. Hispanics account for about 16 percent of California's registered voters.

"If you are going to contribute to our economy, you have the right to drive to work," Davis said afterward. "Everyone benefits by having drivers on the road who know the rules of the road and presumably be a safer driver."

"I think we have to be honest about our dependency on people to do jobs Americans will not," Davis said earlier.

To that I say: kiss my grits, Gray. This is not a step we should be taking while we are fighting violent foreign elements that want to kill us. Why is the obvious so lost on people?

Then we have the Democrat's sole candidate to replace Gray Davis. This guy annoys me to no end, and scares me even more. Somehow he cannot make the distinction between immigration and illegal immigration. Ask him anything about policy regarding illegal immigrants and he responds with a snarky question (paraphrase): "Have YOU ever picked oranges in the fields? I have. I've picked cotton and peaches." Uh, what the hell does that have to do with anything? He comes off as a total ass with these snappy answers, as if fruit pickers somehow work harder than anybody else in California. What a pompous asshole.

He also wants to grant amnesty to the millions of illegal immigrants in this state. Lovely. What kind of message does that send to the folks who came here legally and work with the system, not against it, to stay? What does it say about our immigration laws? That they are garbage? They don't matter? He says he represents the little guy. The only one he represents is the Latino. He sits there in his ivory tower and says that an immigrant who came with nothing but the shirt on his back, learned the language, and cashed in on the American dream doesn't understand the plight of immigrants. Arnold knows more about it than Cruz could ever hope, but apparently immigrants only matter when they are here illegally from Mexico. He doesn't care about immigrants. He cares about the Latino vote, even if it means selling the rest of us down the river. Again, he's a pompous asshole. I cannot express how much this guy annoys me and gives me the heebie-jeebies. I'm not kidding-- he turns my stomach.

Like I said before, these idiots just want to legitimize the illegitimate. It's disgusting and it's scary as hell. God help us if Cruz becomes our next Governor.

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