Friday, August 29, 2003

The Religion of Peace has struck again, but this time they are killing each other. Last week they bombed the UN, today it was a holy Mosque. Who would like to debate that these barbarians subscribe to a "peaceful" religion? Come on, I dare you.

Car Bomb Kills 85 at Iraqi Shiite Mosque

While I agree that there are many Muslims who are peaceful people, the fact remains that the leadership figures within the religion are a bunch of hateful, murderous, inciteful tyrants hell-bent on world domination. Why would any Muslim cleric want to be seen as moderate when it will only result in their death and the destruction of their Mosque? Maybe if they keep attacking their own there will finally be a "civil war" of sorts within the religion that might (we can hope) finally crush the violent forces within. Again, we can only hope.

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