Wednesday, August 27, 2003
The Religion of Female Oppression

The Religion of Peace stones women to death for adultery-- TWO YEARS after getting a divorce. She's a single mother who just wants to get married and move on in her life. But in a place where Shari'a law is embraced by a bunch of tyrannical men who are more concerned about power than spirituality, what do you expect? Amputate the hands of thieves, stone women who have ~gasp!~ sex, make a child an orphan, destroy infidel holy sites, keep your property women locked up and oppressed...

Nigerian mother Amina Lawal appeals Sharia stoning sentence

Lawal's case has become an embarrassment for Nigeria's secular federal government and for President Olusegun Obasanjo, who has tried to reassure foreign protesters without offending Nigerian Muslims.

No one has yet been stoned since 12 mainly Muslim northern states seized upon the end of military rule in 1999 to begin invoking Islamic law for the first time since the west African country won independence in 1960.

But some thieves have had their hands amputated, and several others have been sentenced to be stoned for various "sex crimes".

Lawal's appeal has come to be seen by many as a test case, as Nigerian federal officials have said that they can not challenge Sharia unless an individual appeals to the Supreme Court.

Once again, the "civilized" world stands up to the barbarians of the Religion of Peace. I mean, Allah forbid we offend the Muslims! A life just ain't worth offending the RoP. Way to go!

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