Thursday, August 21, 2003
The news: never ending source of shocking information

I find myself dropping my jaw quite often these days when I read the news. Really, nothing should come as a surprise any more, but being the trusting person that I am, it's just amazing what journalists consider to be legitimate news.

Take for instance the AP headline today on the front page of sites such as Yahoo:

Hamas Abandons Truce After Israeli Strike

For the love of humanity, don't people realize that Hamas abandoned the "truce" when they continued to murder innocent Israelis? You know, it's one thing to battle against the IDF, it's an entirely different beast to take it to the civilians. Then again, when you have incompetent leadership who keeps the boot on your neck in horrible living conditions, and historically cannot win a war against GI Joe dolls, I wouldn't expect them to understand or respect the rules of war. For that these animals need to be eliminated. Completely. If Abu Mazen won't do it, then move on over, here come the tanks.

So, in the mean time, we get these journalistic gems from the battlefield of Israel:

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip - Israel killed a senior Hamas political leader in a missile strike Thursday, retaliating for a suicide bombing of a bus that killed 20 people, including six children. Hamas vowed revenge and, along with Islamic Jihad, formally called off a truce declared eight weeks ago. [emphasis added: after all, there never really was a " formal truce." It was a bunch of words designed to rally everybody against Israel for "doing nothing." If there was a truce, they informally called it off time and time again with the murder of innocent Israelis.]


Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas warned that the assassination of Hamas leader Ismail Abu Shanab would make it harder to crack down on militant groups, and a Palestinian official said the campaign was on hold. [ed. note: On hold from what? Nothing? It's quite a statement to put on hold something that was never in motion.]

Under pressure from Washington and Israel, the Palestinian leadership had decided on a clampdown just hours before his death — a move Washington insisted must still go ahead. The latest escalation places the U.S.-backed "road map" peace plan in serious jeopardy.


Dozens of Hamas supporters at the scene dunked their fists in blood, raised their hands and vowed revenge, chanting "God is great." [ed. note: What a great bunch of civilized folks they are! I'd want them as neighbors, too. Really.]


"We consider ourselves no longer bound by this cease-fire," said a Hamas leader, Ismail Hanieh, after identifying Abu Shanab's decapitated body at a Gaza City morgue. [ed. note: Hmm, were you ever really bound anyway? It was unilateral, you freak. Israel was never party to an agreement with terrorists.]

Hamas founder Sheik Ahmed Yassin vowed revenge. [ed. note: Revenge for what?]

"This crosses all red lines," Yassin said of the missile strike. [ed. note: OH! Revenge for THAT! A targeted strike against a terrorist thug. One who is responsible for the murder of numerous innocent Israelis... got it. By the way, what exactly is a "red line"?]

Addressing the Israelis, he said: "You will pay the price for these crimes." [ed. note: They're already paying the price, but for your fanaticism and hatred, not for anything their government does. Keep it up, and eventually YOU'LL pay the price for YOUR crimes against humanity. Bring it on, asshole.]


Several weeks into the truce, though, Hamas changed the terms, saying it would respond violently to any Israeli killings of activists but then return to observing the cease-fire. [ed. note: More creative journalism: Israel is killing "activists." Activists? Respond "violently", then return to the "cease-fire"??? Do civilized people actuall buy this crap?]

Hamas carried out two suicide bombings under the umbrella of the cease-fire, including Tuesday's Jerusalem bus attack that killed 20 people, including five Americans, and wounded more than 100. It was the deadliest attack since the U.S.-backed "road map" peace plan was launched three months ago. [ed. note: Pardon me for my ignorance, but how can you commit acts of murder under the "umbrella of the cease-fire"? Doesn't that mean that there, in fact, is no cease-fire? From Merriam-Webster, the definition of cease-fire: "1 : a military order to cease firing 2 : a suspension of active hostilities". So what, exactly, would you consider a suicide bombing, if it's not considered an active hostility? These people truly are stupid animals.]


However, Palestinian commanders "had lists of names, places to raid, of institutions to shut down," said Elias Zananiri, a spokesman for Palestinian security chief Mohammed Dahlan. "Now this has all been put on hold because the whole thing has changed after the stupid assassination." [ed. note: Yep, it's the stupid assassination that put this on hold, not the bloody murder of 20 innocent people. These people are also delusional.]

He said the raids would have begun Thursday night, but declined to say whether Israeli authorities were informed. [ed. note: Of course Israeli authorities weren't informed, because it wasn't gonna happen. Words come easy, don't they?]

Is anybody else seeing the pattern here? Negotiations start, the PA claims they are going to clamp down, boom, another suicide bomber kills more Israeli women and children, the PA talks about what they're going to do, takes no action, Israel responds to the terrorists, then the PA whines and moans that they can't do what they had intended (wink, wink) because Israel made a "stupid" move in self-defense. It's aaaaaaaall Israel's fault.

Well, PA, welcome to civilization. Take notes: any government's first and foremost role is to protect its citizens from threats. It would be utterly irresponsible and laughable if Israel did not respond to the constant terror attacks on its citizens. This "truce" was nothing of the sort. It was a ruse that much of the world bought into, because the Palis are the poor, victimized ones. Israel is big, bad and mean.

There is NO REASON whatsoever that the PA cannot move forward with its so-called crackdown on the terrorists among them. But we all know that their words are never, EVER, followed up with meaningful actions. Their actions usually consist of making hoopla arrests, then shooing them out the back door when nobody is watching. All they do is deflect attention to the other side, hoping that people won't notice their total lack of commitment to living in peace with their Jewish neighbors. The past few weeks have been nothing but a whine-fest about prisoner releases, which have nothing to do with the "road map" and are totally at odds with Israels security obligations...

I can't go on. Why do I bother????

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