Sunday, August 31, 2003
My first interview!
Mad Mikey was the subject of an interview by Brent at The Ville. The price for participation was that Mikey would have to interview three more bloggers, which would be me, Cait and Scroff/Ruthie. Now I have to find three bloggers to interview (do three people even read my blog???), so volunteer if you dare. This part of the chain just might end here, but in the meantime, here are my answers:
1. If you did not have to work to support yourself or your immediate family, what would you do with all of your free time?
I'd travel the world with a clue bat in tow. Lord knows that many people need a good whack on the head with one. And I'd learn how to play the piano.

2. Speed Limit - Over, Under, or Dead-on and Why?
Over. I'm late!!!

3. Briefly describe three events in your life that helped make the person that you are today (not including having children or finding religion).
1. College. Woke me up to the world outside of my little bubble-- found out that not everybody thinks like me! It also gave me a self-confidence I'd never had.
2. My upbringing, of course. It's great to be the child of immigrants who lavish unending praise on the greatest country on earth. It's where I got my American Pride.
3. Two years of relative unemployment. Gave me a grip on what's really important in life. Also will make me think twice about complaining about a job-- if I don't like my job, I should quit and stop bitching!!!
(Note: Would have included getting married, but doesn't that fall under the same kind of event as having kids?)

4. If you could organize a parade honoring the contributions that Mad Mikey has bestowed upon the world, who would you ask to participate?
My Israeli family, so they could see the awesome American friends that Israel has. Down with the protesters! Oh, and this parade will take place on the deck of the USS Ronald Reagan, in beautiful San Diego.

5. If you could talk to anyone in the history of the world for 30 minutes, would you serve snacks?
If Thomas Jefferson and Winston Churchill want snacks, booze, cigars-- whatever-- then I'll serve 'em.

Any volunteers? Anybody? Bueller?


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