Tuesday, August 26, 2003
Bustamante = Bad for California

When will I learn my lesson? After spending quite a bit of time on a post, I hit something on the keyboard that refreshed my blogger post window and wiped out my post. Ugh.

Anyway, in a nutshell, there is a lot of press surrounding Schwarzenegger's run for Governor. Many in the media have made a big stink about his father's membership in the Nazi party, as if it's a revelation that nobody heard of before two weeks ago. (Arnold has quite a record of distancing himself from his father's views, working closely with the Simon Wiesenthal Center to fight racism, among other things.) Many Californians also criticize his support for Proposition 187, the anti-illegal immigration prop (never mind that he himself came to the United States with no money and no knowledge of our language. That would be English.)

But what about Cruz Bustamante, the sole candidate from the Party of Tolerance™? Bustamante belonged to the Chicano separatist group MEChA, and refuses to distance himself from the group's radical agenda and views to this day. MEChA is dedicated to "re-conquering" the Southwestern United States for Mexico. If he refuses to separate himself from this group, what does that say about his agenda? Will he adopt policies for the betterment of all Californians, or just the Latin population? Will he set us back on our immigration laws at a time when we need to be closing our borders, not making them more porous for the sake of security? Will he push to pass legislation that will allow illegals to enjoy many of the same benefits that we Americans, by either birthright or legal immigration, receive? Will he undermine the INS in their efforts to curb illegal immigration?

Bottom line is that I don't trust him in the least. The Latin community has him in their back pockets, and it seems like he will put their interests ahead of the interests of the state as a whole. He supports legislation that is bad for business (such as increased taxes on commercial properties) and holds the belief that it's the responsiblity of the wealthy to dig this state out of its budget crisis-- apparently the wealthy are not as deserving of their earnings as the rest of the population (the "they don't need the money" argument is so sickening and old-- and the lefty socialist drones continue to use that stoopid argument. Lame). Overall, his ideas will continue to drive business out of the state, taking with them thousands of jobs and billions in tax revenues. But no worries, illegal immigrants will be allowed to get driver's licenses, so we're all in good shape, right?

Indian Gaming seems to like him quite a bit, also. He wants to continue to allow them near-exemption from taxes on their $5 billion in annual gaming revenues, as well as easing restrictions on the types and amount of gambling allowed on a reservation. Again, putting the state's interests ahead of a group's. Not.

It's all very interesting. The latin media are virtually ignoring other candidates, dedicating most of their headlines to Bustamante's campaign. So much for equal time. You'd think they would take at least a little interest in Arnold's campaign, as he came to the US with no money and no knowledge of English. He came here legally and made a life for himself, cashing in on the American Dream. If I were an immigrant, I'd relate more to Arnold than Cruz. But that's just me.

On a final note about the lefty socialist drones/sheep/tinfoil hat brigade, I find it interesting that nobody is raking him over the coals for his "slip" during a speech two years ago to the Coalition of Black Trade Unionists where he used a racial epithet while talking about the history of black unions. You know that if Arnold or McClintock or Ueberoth had a recorded slip such as Bustamante's, the Dems would be all over them for their lack of "racial sensitivity." But since Bustamante is a member of the club, he gets a free pass. Especially interesting considering how many observed that it seemed to slip out quite naturally. Honestly, you'd have to be comfortable with a term such as that for it to come out smoothly, dontcha think? It's just another example of how certain groups simply won't call out the racism and insensitivity of their brothers in arms. Not that I support witch hunts, but it would be great to see the end of the hypocrisy.

The point of this never ending rant is just that Bustamante is probably not the best choice for Californians, and the media are pretty much steering clear of any negativity surrounding him. If there was no alternative to Davis and Bustamante, I'd choose Davis (cringe!). Thankfully, that's not the case.

From FrontPageMag.com: The Racist in the Race?

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