Thursday, August 07, 2003
Bay Area Blech, pt. II

Amazing what motivates some people, and how a pet issue can cloud one's judgement.

Exhibit A: A caller to a radio station (dang those radio listeners!) decided to put in her $.02 about Ah-nuld's run for Governor. She enlightened me beyond my expectations. She wanted to make sure that everybody knows that he is a pro-lifer, and a dyed-in-the-wool right-winger (hey, it's all relative when you live in SF!). How does she know that? Uh, through sound bites.... okay, then.

First, given the sorry condition of this state, is abortion even on the issues radar? How about education, the economy, the extortionist taxes, the fact that nobody wants to/can do business here, illegal immigration, security, etc? How about the fact that our future is being mortgaged by a bunch of slick politicians with spending diarrhea? These are the issues that affect me every day, and the issues that I want to hear about. Abortion? Sorry, don't care. All the feminazis can shove it on that one. It's not like abortion can even be banned at the state level anyway, but in a state where everybody is whining that their pot-smoking freedoms are being crushed by the feds, well.... nothing really surprises me any more.

Second, what does anybody really know about Arnold? I don't know much about him, but from what I've heard, he's only just right-of-center. Hardly a right-winger. Again, it's all relative in CA, and when you have that despicable "R" behind your name, you MUST be a right-wing, war-mongering, homophobe pro-lifer. Hell, I'm a right-wing war-monger according to some who think they know me. The only thing he's said that I agree with is that the state needs to do something about the mass exodus of business. The socialist Dems like to bash big business and accuse the Republicans of catering to them, but where does this country get most of its tax revenues? This state will have a revenue problem if businesses continue to run away. The net result will be more taxes on you and me, as if we don't pay enough as it is. Gotta keep those social programs funded, right?

So before I go an endorse him or toss him, I'd first like to find out what he's all about politically. I can't wait to see how he handles Davis' imminent mud-slinging and ad-hominem attacks. At this point it would be very difficult to do any worse than Davis, but that doesn't make me feel any better. Talking to my mom tonight, we discussed how it might be best for another DemocRat to win and inherit this mess. Who wants it? I wouldn't.

Regardless, it seems like the pompous Governor's days are very numbered. He thought this day would never come, and it did. He thought he was made of teflon, and he's not (though his hair might be). There is one thing that gives me a little bit of hope, and that is that this state is a lot more conservative than most think. How do you think this recall came about? Remove LA and SF and their suburbs, and you have a big "R" majority. In a state of ~35 million, that's not bad. And they just might be motivated to come out and clean house at the voting booth, because enough is finally enough.

[Disclaimer: I think that this recall is a bad idea. The guy won by a hair on false pretenses and a dirty campaign, but this can't possibly set a good precedent.]

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