Friday, August 22, 2003
Al Guardian

There is no doubt where Al Guardian's loyalties lie:

Killing of Hamas leader ends truce

Five Israeli missiles incinerated Ismail Abu Shanab in Gaza City yesterday, killing one of the most powerful voices for peace in Hamas and destroying the ceasefire that Palestinian leaders believed would avert civil war.

Israeli helicopters struck the car carrying the third most senior Hamas leader in retaliation for Tuesday's suicide bombing of a Jerusalem bus on Tuesday, killing 20 mostly orthodox Jews, including six children.

The missiles also buried a seven-week ceasefire already strained by Israeli killings of Islamic militants and retaliatory suicide bombings, and threw the US-led road map to peace deeper into crisis. [emphasis added]

Nope, it wasn't the death of 20 people, including 6 children and a pregnant woman, that destroyed a sham cease-fire and "threatens" the "road map"-- it was Israel's response. After all, aren't they supposed to just bend over and take it? Amazing that the media are declaring that Israel's reponse ended the cease-fire, and NOT THE SUICIDAL MURDER BY THOSE WHO UNILATERALLY "DECLARED" IT. Will somebody please explain how you can declare a cease-fire, yet continue to murder?

This entire article is a disgusting Palestinian terrorist propaganda piece.

Update: It looks like the LA Times is taking the same line: Airstrike by Israel Ends Truce

I'm sure there are more....

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