Tuesday, July 01, 2003
Will they protest?

West African leaders are asking the U.S. to come in and solve the problems in Liberia. All the usual suspects want us to intervene, too.

France, Britain, U.N. diplomats and both sides in Liberia's fighting have pushed for an American role in a peace force for the country, which was founded by freed American slaves in the 19th century and a longtime regional U.S. ally and trade partner.

Funny, weren't we the big, bad bullies for going into Iraq just a few months ago? Weren't these same folks referring to us as bullies in the build up to Iraq, accusing us of throwing our power around to the detriment of every other nation? Didn't these people want to keep Saddam in power, allowing him to continue his tyrannical ways while slaughtering his population?

Oh, but this particular mission would be a good demonstration of our power:

U.N. Ambassador Martin Chungong Ayafor of Cameroon, a Security Council member, suggested a U.S.-backed mission could win goodwill for the United States.

"This could be a good face-saving measure for them, and show that they intervene for the sake of peace and security," Ayafor said.

U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan has also suggested the United States take a leadership role in a peacekeeping force. "Of course that is a sovereign decision for them to take — but all eyes are on them," Annan said in Geneva.

Face-saving? What face do we have to save, and for whom? They act as though the US is ashamed of what we've done in Iraq-- but they've focused on the oil and ignored the peace and security aspect of it, so they can be considered a little delusional. Little do they know.... the UN, France, et al, are the ones who need a little face-saving right now.

And of course they want us to sacrifice OUR troops for the peacekeeping mission. They see what's happening in Iraq, and all those other brave countries wouldn't think of having their soldiers take the risk. Let the big, bad, bully US make up for making France look like the cheese-eating-surrender-monkeys that they are.

If the UN wants to send in a peacekeeping force, I'm all for it. Just don't start the ball rolling, get the US in there, then abandon ship when the heat turns up so we're left to clean up their mess, as they've done time and time again. And they think that they can get us to do what they want by employing the old guilt-trip method... they really are sad.

I wonder if the protesters will come out for this one.

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