Tuesday, July 08, 2003
Need more proof?

How many more times will it need to be proven that Palestinians do not want to live in peace with Israel? The bottom line is simple: if they can't push Israel and the Jews into the sea, then there will never be peace. One side is going to have suffer to move forward, and I'm not referring to the Israeli side. If Abu Mazen had any cojones (or genuine intentions) at all, he would break the backs of the terrorist organizations. Negotiations do not work. Fanfare arrests followed by the quiet releases of would-be terrorists do not work (apparently they don't have locks on prison cells in "Palestine"). And pressuring Israel to accept terms set forth by terrorist organizations is just asinine.

It's time to move on. No matter what Israel does, she'll never be portrayed in a positive light. Never. The violence on the Palestinian side has not stopped, but it is Israel that is responsible for threatening the fragile "road map". Why? Because Israel has a little problem releasing Palestinian prisoners who are responsible for murdering hundreds of Israelis. So Islamic Jihad sends a homicide bomber to "protest" Israel's refusal to release blood-soaked prisoners. Guess where the bomber came from? Jenin. You remember Jenin, right? Site of the horrific massacre last year following the little "incident" in Netanya that killed 29 Israelis on the first night of Passover. There are no terrorists in Jenin, so just move on. Let's talk about that sham of a "truce" again....

Now, about that "road map" to hell. Where on this piece of paper does it say anything about Israel releasing criminals? Where on this document does it say that Hamas, Islamic Jihad, the PFLP, etc. are party to this futile process? It doesn't-- to the contrary, it calls for the PA to dismantle these groups. Israel does not have any obligation to anybody to release prisoners, and the fact that they have released and continue to release prisoners is mind-boggling. No sovereign nation with any security interests would do such a thing, especially at the behest of a bunch of terrorist organizations.

According to this useless road map, those organizations that continue their terrorist ways are supposed to be dismantled by the PA. Mazen has said time and time again that he will not forcefully disarm them, instead taking the negotiation route. So Israel releases prisoners, as demanded by the murderous Palestinian groups, and Mazen refuses to use force on them, or even keep them imprisoned for more than a day. Israel continues to make generous concessions in the face of constant terrorism.

What does all of this mean? It means that the terrorists are chalking up little victories. They are being rewarded, they are avoiding punishment. Terrorism is working, millimeter by millimeter. The poor, disenfranchised Palestinians will never be forced to make concessions or tough decisions by the international community. Because Israel is the strong one, any failures on the Palestinian side are acceptable. Any moves on the Israeli side that any other nation would make in the name of security are harshly criticized.

This all leads me to believe that a couple of things will have to happen if Israel will ever enjoy a peaceful existence. First of all, Arafat has got to go. The thug does not want peace. He wants to be a martyr. He cannot wait to be a martyr. He wants to be the hero who delivers all of Israel to his people. Now that he has been deemed irrelevant by the US, he can do what he wants in the background. Nobody is watching him. Nobody is keeping him to a standard.

Second, the PA must crack down forcefully on the organizations that continue to incite, arm, recruit murderers, and kill Israelis. This IS part of the road map, and something that the PA was supposed to start over a month ago. They still haven't, and they continue to refuse to do it. This is critical. Most free, prosperous nations have gone through civil wars and revolutions, losing countless people, to get to where they are. As long as the Palestinians refuse to settle the internal conflict among their people, they will not be able to move on. Given the relationship among the Arab nations, I won't count on it. The Palestinian's true fellow countrymen in Jordan won't even accept them onto their land, and other neighboring Arab nations who have expressed so much sympathy for the Palestinian cause refuse to offer them a place to call home. After all, if the Palestinians aren't the Jew-killing soldiers for the Arab world, who will be?

Contrast that with Israel's open border policy to oppressed Jews in Arab lands (as well as non-Arab lands) and it's easy to see why the living standards are so night-and-day. Israel, as a country and a people, has a heart of gold and a palpable love of life. The Palestinians only have emptiness and a culture of death. Those in power would like to keep it that way, as it gives them a vast population from which to recruit their "freedom fighters".

Part of the road map calls for the PA to remove inciteful Jew hatred from the official grade-school curiculum (schools being part of official PA institutions). One has to wonder why this has not yet been done. Would the removal of hatred taught in schools meet opposition among the people? Who would it hurt? Simply put, it would be a harmless, easy move on the part of the PA that would show an iota of good intention. But again, doing so will threaten the future of the "armed struggle against occupation", because all of Israel proper belongs to the Palestinians in their twisted world and they will need all the fighters they can muster to take it away.

Most of this rant is besides the point. What really gets me is the attitude towards Israel among governments and in the media. Nations around the world, including the USA, are quick to condemn Israel's security operations. The fruitcakes in Europe scream about war crimes and human rights violations as if their hands are clean. No free, western country is facing what Israel faces every day. No free country sees its citizens slaughtered on a daily basis by terrorists. And no free country gets the kind of criticism Israel endures in matters of self-defense and national security. The US was not heavily criticized for taking out the Taliban or openly going after OBL when we were attacked. How is that any different than Israel targeting Hamas or Islamic Jihad and their leadership?

The media are relentless in their total misrepresentation of this situation. I've ranted about this before, but for the past week I want to vomit every time they mention the "truce" or "cease fire" between the parties. Get it through your heads: there is no truce!!! The terrorist organizations are trying to make themselves relevant to this "process" by unilaterally declaring a "truce" that comes with some delusional obligations on the Israeli side to release murderers to kill again. How big of the terrorists to say they're going to stop terrorizing! Think about it for a minute. Got it? Good.

The hypocrisy of the world is astounding, and the ignorance of the masses is hauntingly familiar. Cal Thomas wrote an Op/Ed about the useful idiots in the Middle East issue:

The German philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel said, "What experience and history teach is this — that people and governments never have learned anything from history, or acted on principles deduced from it." Useful idiots continue to accept new promises built on a foundation of previously broken promises. This is what makes them useful. It is also what makes them idiots.

Israel has waited in vain for Palestinian deeds to live up to their words, agreements, covenants, promises and pledges. At what point should it be concluded that the Palestinian leadership and so many of their people have a definition of peace that begins and ends with the annihilation and elimination of Israel?

We hear about "enemies of peace" who would destroy the "peace process." Peace, like happiness, is not an objective to be pursued. Peace and happiness are byproducts of nations deciding they will study war no more and lay down their arms and hostile intentions.

History will repeat itself over and over again. Israel and her people might have hope if their hands are unbound so they can release an as yet unseen fury on those who would annihilate her. It's time to unmuzzle the lion so she can defend herself as she should. It's time to let Israel protect her citizens as they deserve to be protected-- as I would want my government to protect me. And those who would criticize can take a long walk off a short pier. If the past 33 months of broken promises hasn't been proof enough, I don't know what will be.

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